About the Challenger

This is indeed a challenge…between me and my kitchen.

Each post in this blog is my first attempt at a new recipe that someone else has created.  I’m going to use my average everyday kitchen to try to recreate the dish.  Things could go either remarkably well or terribly, terribly wrong.

Food Challenge: Accepted documents my adventures in trying something new in the world of cooking.  I am NOT a professional.  I, like many of you hungry folks out there, occasionally stumble upon a delicious-looking recipe on the internet and bookmark it in my browser’s “favorites” folder, only to stumble upon it again after six months, forgetting why I bookmarked it in the first place, but deciding, “Why not, I’ll give it a try today!”

My kitchen is normal and boring
Food always looks so good on the internet, doesn’t it?  Sometimes I think, not only do these people seem to have all the right five-star restaurant equipment in their kitchen, they must also have a photography studio to snap some glamour shots of their food.  How do they do it?

Unlike many great chefs that author books and blogs and entertaining YouTube videos about all the amazing food they can cook, bake, steam, roast, fry, etc., I have a regular, average-Joe sort of kitchen.  Small and adequately efficient, complete with a toaster oven, pizza cutter, and a few butter knives.

Things to know about me, the challenger:

  • I follow recipe directions carefully.  Most of the time.  I may not be the best cook, but I can surely read.  Also note: just because I can read, it doesn’t mean that every recipe I try will be clear enough to produce the intended results.  Sometimes people just don’t write recipes very well.   I’ll find out who those people are.
  • I try not to guess or improvise unless I really have to.  If the ingredients are hard to find at my local supermarket, or if it’s just too freaking expensive (cut me some slack, I just got out of school), then no, it’s not going into the mix.
  • All of the entries written in this blog document my first attempt.  It’s not fun (or a challenge) if I blog about food I already know how to make!

If you have any ideas about what my next food challenge should be, send me a message and I’ll think about it.

Do I, or my pint-sized kitchen, have what it takes to recreate food mastered by the best cooks out there?

Let the challenge begin!


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