At the end of each challenge, I’ll rate the results based on edibility, tastiness, and overall success.  I’ll also note whether I should expect a rematch of the challenge in the future.


  • Overall appearance.  Is that the way the food is supposed to look?  Does it appear appealing and appetizing?
  • Is the initial reaction to the food positive?


  • Can I, or my taste tasters, actually eat the food?  (Without getting sick later?)
  • Is the food appropriate for the human digestive system?


  • Do my, or my taste tester’s, taste buds tingle with delight upon the first bites of this food?
  • Does the food stimulate my or my tester’s appetite?


  • Would I try this recipe again?  If so, what would I do differently?
  • What was I missing this time (equipment, ingredients, etc.) that I would need to improve for the next time?